Feedback Ferret's Videos on Text & Sentiment Analysis
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What we do, why we do it and how we make a difference



Find out how our Complete Customer Experience Solution helps improve business performance

P&O Ferries unlock the reasons behind the scores

Daisy drives customer retention rates

How Eurocamp improved operational efficiencies by using Hot Alerts

How Eurocamp have benefitted by adopting Reevoo customer reviews

How Eurocamp saved £4m by undertaking Impact Analysis

How Eurocamp increased re-booking rate of ‘unhappy customers’ by 500% 

Which survey score should you use?

What sort of survey should you use?

Taking action from the feedback

Manage the drivers of loyalty, not the scores

How to get quality feedback

What’s the problem with CSI in today’s automotive industry? 

What’s the point of a customer satisfaction survey?

Tackling the HiPPO in your organisation

Making the transition from the old way to the new way

How do you achieve customer satisfaction?

Automotive industry – get your priorities right! 

Which feedback channels?

Why collect customer feedback?