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TREAD Analysis



In the USA, the TREAD* Act of 2000 requires vehicle and equipment manufacturers to periodically report to NHTSA on information that could indicate the existence of a potential safety defect. They are required to advise NHTSA of foreign safety recalls and other safety campaigns.

Manufacturers who have violated this safety law, including Honda and Fiat Chrysler, have been fined $ millions.

The collation and completion of these reports is often a laborious and costly process. The complex requirements of NHTSA mean comments to be included in reports are subject to human interpretation. This leads to inconsistent coding and errors are easily made. In addition, ALL feedback channels must be included in the analysis to avoid under reporting.

But, what if ….

… you could eliminate manual reporting, reviewing and identification time requirements?

… you could significantly reduce the risks of missed or misinterpreted information?

… you could manage Human Judgement at Scale?


Using Text Analytics, Feedback Ferret can help mitigate fines and improve the process by reducing manual intervention, reducing time to produce reports and improving accuracy of those reports.

Text Analytics will deliver:

  • budgetary SAVINGS through reduced manpower requirements
  • RISK REDUCTION through improved accuracy and incorporation of ALL feedback channels.

How it works

Feedback Ferret collects your customer feedback from any of these sources:

Using sophisticated, automated Text Analytics, we analyze all your feedback and code it for ALL of the NHTSA TREAD topics listed here:

01 Steering
02 Suspension
03 Foundation Brake
04 Automatic Brake Controls
05 Parking Brake
06 Engine and Engine Cooling
07 Fuel System
10 Powertrain
11 Electrical
12 Exterior Lighting
13 Visibility
14 Airbags
15 Seat-belts
16 Structure
17 Latch
18 Speed Control
19 Tires
20 Wheels
22 Seats
23 Possible Fire
24 Possible Rollover
25 Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
26 Forward Collision
27 Lane Departure Prevention System
28 Backover Prevention

Clients will receive as standard:

  • A monthly csv spreadsheet with counts per vehicle model for each TREAD topic within the given period.
  • Underlying data file with coded verbatims for each TREAD code
  • If required, data file with all non-TREAD reported data


*Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability and Documentation