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Ferret out actionable insight with text analytics

Gathering text analytics data

What is Text Analytics?

Text analytics (also known as text analysis) is the process used to derive usable information from unstructured text.

Our powerful text analytics software quickly and accurately identifies all the topics your customers are talking about in their feedback. Our text analytics tools filter vital feedback from chatter, automatically analyses all the unstructured text in every sentence in context and categorises them into topics tailored to your business.

Feedback Ferret text analytics software delivers world leading levels of accuracy. Our text analytics software is unique. It does not use automatic machine learning or natural language processing, instead we have a team of experts who have built and constantly improve our own proprietary ‘Lexicon’.

Feedback can be analysed in any language using text mining analytics tools.

Gathering text analytics data

Our Approach to Text Analysis

Feedback Ferret offers a fully managed service:

  • We do ALL the text analytics coding, data management and data processing thus saving you time and resource
  • We continuously monitor the quality of the results and improve the text coding to ensure very high levels of accuracy
  • We regularly re-process all historic and current data against updated Lexicon content and reporting text analytics topic definitions.

We do all the heavy lifting for text analytics, you simply receive the results. Use them to improve your customer experience, loyalty and satisfaction.

Please note, you don’t need dedicated analysts in your business to use the results provided by Feedback Ferret’s text analytics. 

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"Welding" sign with body of old car in foreground

How to find out things you don’t already know – It really doesn’t matter how much customer feedback you collect any more – a good contextual text mining tool will be able to analyse the data and discover meaningful trends and topics.


Accuracy for text analytics is vital – We see that a French company has just launched a new text analysis tool that claims to have up to 80% accuracy in identifying sarcastic comments posted online. We’ve been able to do that since 2002!

Number 4 runner in the 4x100 relay race.

Fundamentally we work on the basis that you can ask the customers as many structured questions as you like, but they will tell you what’s most important to them in the verbatim comments.  If you can’t effectively analyse this then you are missing out on customer gold!”

Jonny Combe, BMW


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To find out more about our Lexicon, how we create Reporting Topics, how we achieve high accuracy levels, how we calculate Impact and Sentiment Analysis, and how we deal with multiple languages, please download our comprehensive Text Analytics Product Guide.

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