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Task Manager

Task Manager is an online tool for:

1 - Managing closed loop tasks derived from your feedback

2 - Posting your customers' comments and your responses to the comments out as reviews onto your corporate website(s).

Task Manager

The tool creates red flags, green flags, cases, task lists and workflows, and progress can be monitored to ensure your customers get the service they deserve.

Feedback records can be automatically routed to Task Manager based on any combination of topics, sentiment, rating scores or other criteria.

Task Manager is a web-based too, accessible by any user anywhere in the organisation. Users can read through the feedback comments, enter internal notes or put the task on ‘Hold’ while further investigation is carried out, assign/escalate the task to another user if necessary, respond to a customer via email or phone. All actions are recorded within the tool.

Managers can monitor performance levels and actions taken by queue owners and are notified whenever new records are added.

Posting reviews to websites

The verbatim comments from your customers can automatically be pushed through to your website on a dedicated “Reviews” page. We will work with your website provider(s) to add a review page to your corporate website(s).

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