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Customer satisfaction surveys that don’t annoy customers


Unlike many providers, we can either analyse feedback comments from your existing customer satisfaction surveys or we can set up and operate your customer feedback surveys for you. It’s your choice.

If you want us to set up your surveys, you can decide what questions to ask. Our experience has shown that customer satisfaction surveys that focus on one rating score (followed by open-ended commentary) allow customers to offer insights you may otherwise miss.

Below is an example of our “perfect customer feedback survey” – one ratings question and a “tell us why” question. Short, concise and a customer satisfaction survey that will give you all the insight you will ever need.

Ask less to get more.

Multiple Languages

Feedback Ferret works with international clients who have customers in different countries and require multi-lingual solutions for their customer feedback programmes. We provide full language facilities for customers to receive communications in their preferred language, as well as giving them the freedom to give their feedback in their language of choice.


Google Translate

All foreign language feedback comments are translated into English using Google Translate where possible, prior to being put through the Feedback Ferret text analysis engine. But is Google Translate accurate enough?

Yes! The Ferret text analytics engine ‘deciphers’ many sentences that are poorly constructed even in English. That is the very essence of the engine. If the engine is able to correctly code

“The Floor Glued crockery and we had to wash before first gebrachen can” as
Kitchens – Crockery / Cutlery – Dirty”,

it can certainly handle sentences that are not perfectly translated. Even foreign slang words that have no literal translation into English are picked up by our Lexicon team and coded so that they always hit the correct topics in the future.

How do we know this?

Alongside the Google trials, Feedback Ferret has trialed a company specialising in machine translation, using the same data. This company offered three levels of translation: machine only, machine plus human post-edit and full human translation. The machine translation and machine translation plus post-editing were almost indistinguishable from the Google Translate results. The full human translation was better quality, but much slower and prohibitively expensive.

We would like to assure our clients that we have tested Google translation services extensively and have found it to be accurate enough to be processed by the Feedback Ferret engine.

Is that true of all languages?

Our experience has shown that Google Translate does not currently handle Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic as well as it does the European languages, and so for these we use manual translation services.  We are continually monitoring the software and the quality of translation of these languages is gradually improving.

How it works in practice

Emails and SMS invitation messages will be sent in the default language based on country. Outbound languages are limited to English plus a choice of 8 other languages.

On the email message, a customer can click a link to see alternative languages. This will link through to a web browser view of the email message, giving the customer a drop-down list of language options. When they select a language, they will see the content of their email message in that selected language. From that point, they will click through to the web survey in their preferred language.

Where customers are sent an SMS message to invite feedback, they will link directly through to the survey form where the language option can be set.

The language of the survey is saved with the survey data submission. We retain this as the customer’s preferred language and we also pass that field back to the client to update their CRM system with the customer’s preferred language.

The dashboard interface (labels, names of reports and filters etc.) remain in English. The verbatim reports in the dashboards display both the translated English text and the original foreign language text.


Ferret Paper

Ferret Paper