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Feedback surveys (that actually get filled in)

Allow your customers to say exactly what they want, when they want and using a method that they prefer to use. Make it easy for them to give feedback and, given the right opportunity, they will tell you everything that is important to them.

Text analytics has come of age and has revolutionised the way organisations are able to collect quality, insightful feedback. Long, tedious tick box surveys are a thing of the past - customers have little time for them and they are often asked to rate factors they did not even experience.  

Simple, 1 Minute Surveys

We advocate simple surveys that ask as few questions as possible - without compromising your own measurement and KPI requirements.

And tell your customer it will be a short survey – they are more likely to complete it.

Below are examples of our 1 Minute Feedback surveys:

Feedback Ferret surveys graphic

Feedback Ferret surveys graphic

To read more about our surveys, please download our White Paper "The Perfect Survey".

To find our how one of our clients increased their response rates by 20% by shortening their survey, please CLICK HERE.

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Multiple Languages

Feedback Ferret works with international clients who have customers in different countries and require multi-lingual solutions for their customer feedback programmes. Full language facilities are available for customers to receive communications in their preferred language, as well as giving them the freedom to give their feedback in their language of choice.

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