Feedback Ferret :: Tourist attraction improves its exhibits thanks to customer feedback

Tourist attraction improves its exhibits thanks to customer feedback


One of Cape Town’s largest and most successful tourist attraction, Two Oceans Aquarium, has been improving the quality of its exhibits and displays after using their Comments Box in their reception area to collate new ideas.

The aquarium attracts a great deal of overseas visitors, many of whom have visited other aquariums worldwide. The Comments Box invites visitors to leave feedback as well as suggestions for improving the overall visitor experience at the aquarium.

They aquarium management has been bowled over by the quality of the suggestions they have received and, as a direct result of the feedback, they have now opened a brand new frog exhibit and have improved the quantity and quality of interactive exhibits available for children.

There has also been a very large quantity of positive feedback relating to the catering, so much so that the aquarium is now considering adding another Comments Box in the restaurant of the aquarium just to focus on further improving the restaurant ambiance, food and service.

The Two Oceans Aquarium may be one of Feedback Ferret’s smallest clients in terms of the number of Comments Boxes they have but they have demonstrated the power of listening and are using the comments as a powerful source of new ideas for their tourist attraction.