Reduction in Origin overheads by $250,000 in 12 months - Feedback Ferret

Reduction in Origin overheads by $250,000 in 12 months


$250,000 reduction in ombudsman administration costs through Hot Alert program

Increased customer satisfaction levels

For three years, Origin, one of Australia’s largest energy companies, has been using Feedback Ferret to analyse audio feedback comments from consumers.

Tom Caley, Voice of Customer Manager at Origin explains: “After each inbound call from a domestic customer, they are given an automated outbound call with 24 hours, asking the customer to leave their feedback on an IVR survey which asks just two scores and two verbatim questions. The voice recordings are sent to Feedback Ferret every Friday and the audio content is automatically transcribed to text for analysis by the Ferret engine over the weekend, loaded onto dashboards ready for 9am every Monday morning.

“The dashboards also have the facility to play back to the audio recordings of the customers, which can often help us better understand the problem being talked about, as well as to circulate audio recordings around the business when required. All department heads have their own KPI reports tailored to their function and they are able to view all comments that may be attributed to their team. They can then take action immediately and carry out any necessary staff training.”


The Results

Tom went on: “The Ferret has helped us improve customer satisfaction by highlighting weaknesses in the way we handle complaints. We can talk to unhappy customers and resolve their issues before they escalate to ombudsman level. Ombudsman cases cost $2,000+ to fight, but we know that Feedback Ferret has already helped us reduce these costs and increase our customer satisfaction levels.”

This programme has been so successful that the business division has now taken adopted the Ferret too, albeit in a different capacity. Yan Huang, Senior Market Research Consultant says: “We have seen how effective the Ferret is in analysing audio customer feedback comments from IVR telephone surveys and we are now implementing the tool to analyse web surveys. The results are used to continuously enhance customer experience. Apart from drafting the original questionnaire, there is very little we have to do. We send a monthly list of email contacts to Feedback Ferret, they send out the surveys, capture the customer comments and load the feedback onto dashboards. It could not be simpler.”


The Ferret has helped us improve customer satisfaction by highlighting weaknesses in the way we handle complaints. By being able to quickly understand customer complaints and act on them, we can talk to unhappy customers and resolve their issues before they escalate to Ombudsman level. There is a cost of $2,000 plus any compensation to fight each of these cases, but we know that Feedback Ferret has already helped us reduce these costs and increase our customer satisfaction levels.

Tom Caley
Voice of Customer Manager, Origin