Quality of customer service improves across all European Infiniti dealerships - Feedback Ferret

Quality of customer service improves across all European Infiniti dealerships

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Using feedback to create business-class customer experience

An invaluable management tool

After seeing their sister company, Nissan North America, move into the top position as the fastest rising brand on J.D. Power, thanks to their highly effective Voice of Customer programme managed by Feedback Ferret, Infiniti in Europe have followed Nissan’s lead and have adopted the Ferret too.

Based in Switzerland, Infiniti AMIE aims to provide excellent customer experience at all touch points of the customer life-cycle. Under the umbrella strategy “Customer Hospitality”, Infiniti has invested heavily in staff training both at dealership level and at its multi-lingual call centre in Liverpool. In each dealership, it now seeks to create a luxury brand experience.

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Strategic Analysis Dashboards

After each transaction (purchase or service), every customer is surveyed by telephone to gauge the Net Promoter Score (NPS) at different stages of the buying cycle. All the verbatim comments – in multiple languages -are fed through to the Ferret engine to be translated and analysed. In addition, Feedback Ferret takes all the survey scores and comments and presents them on strategic Analysis Dashboards.

To help the company turn this feedback into an improved customer experience, Feedback Ferret is providing consultancy support in-house. Richard Baazi said “We know that Nissan has benefitted hugely from having dedicated Feedback Ferret staff in-house to liaise with internal departments regarding the feedback. We have decided to adopt the same model and are now embedding the Ferret throughout the organisation. We envisage it becoming an invaluable management tool to drive up loyalty and profitability. We are committed to generating a positive ROI on our customer experience programme.“


We are keen to differentiate ourselves and to this end, we need to ensure that customers have a great experience not only with their car but with our sales and service teams across Europe. This is a huge challenge for us but the Feedback Ferret solution enables us to ask the right questions, find out what the key drivers of loyalty are, and turn that feedback into action to improve the bottom line.

Richard Baazi
Head of InsigCustomer Service Manager, Infiniti