Climbing the J.D. Power Index faster than any other manufacturer

How Feedback Ferret helped



Feedback Ferret was selected as Nissan’s Voice of Customer analytics supplier after demonstrating industry-leading text analysis accuracy in side-by-side comparative evaluations; flexibility in working with Nissan; the customisability of the solution and a solid understanding of the automotive industry.


Fastest ever improving manufacturer on J.D. Power index thanks to feedback program

The Programme

Feedback Ferret has helped Nissan North America rank as the fastest improving manufacturer on the national J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Index.  Nissan achieved an industry-leading 43 point year-over-year improvement in its J.D. Power Index. This achievement rockets Nissan into the top position as the fastest rising brand on J.D. Power. Feedback Ferret is proud to be Nissan’s Voice of Customer analytics supplier, enabling Nissan to turn its customer feedback initiative into a game-changing strategy.

Feedback Ferret consolidates more than 20 customer feedback channels to its platform for text analytics, reporting and taking action, as well as providing Voice of Customer consulting services to Nissan. A high priority for Nissan has been to focus on enhancing the customer experience. This resulted in the industry-leading improvement in the influential national J.D. Power automotive Customer Satisfaction Index survey in the USA.

Feedback Ferret identified key drivers of customer experience and performed root cause analysis of previous J.D. Power survey results, leading to new programs and initiatives being implemented. One example is the new Nissan “Customer Promise”, which along with other measures, resulted in the industry-leading 43 point year-over-year improvement in Nissan’s J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Index and other key business metrics.

Feedback Ferret is proud to be Nissan’s Voice of Customer analytics supplier, helping them to achieve this excellent result through generating real improvements in how Nissan and its dealers interact with their customers.