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Morrisons uncover the true reasons
behind customer satisfaction


Uncovering the reasons behind the scores and putting more focus on key drivers of satisfaction

Thanks to Feedback Ferrets text analytics engine, Morrisons, one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains, has finally uncovered the key issues lurking behind its satisfaction ratings.

Morrisons has long been issuing customers with receipts containing web links to feedback surveys. The completed surveys have been compiled and collated by a leading supplier of online surveys and have comprised a number of ratings questions and three open ended verbatim fields. These three open ended fields have not been analysed until now, when the need arose for the supermarket chain to dig deeper into the reasons behind the scores.

How it works

Each week, Feedback Ferret analyses the three verbatim fields from all surveys and produces a regular KPI report for the Morrisons Executive Board. This report maps the perspectives against the ratings scores in the survey. This enables the Board to broadly see what topics are impacting customer satisfaction.

In parallel, the data files are sent to the Morrisons Insight Team, which dives deeper into the analysis so they can see exactly what issues lie behind the scores.

In a recent Impact Analysis, the top 20 drivers of dissatisfaction were identified. One of them was “cleanliness of store”. By ferreting through the data, the Insight Team was able to determine whether it was cleanliness of the store floor, toilets, shelving units or general cluttering of the aisles that lay behind this perspective. Armed with this information, they are able to design and implement store-specific training programmes to address the cleanliness issues.

Rob Holdcroft, Client Services Director for Feedback Ferret said: “We have analysed over 25,000 customer records for Morrisons since the programme started and in doing so, have opened their eyes to a whole load of new insight into their customers’ shopping experience. This has hugely helped them focus their efforts on areas that matter most to customers.”