Jardine partner with Feedback Ferret to make the difference - Feedback Ferret

Jardine partner with Feedback Ferret to make the difference

Impact analysis helps Jardine Motors making the difference

Jardine Motors wanted to find out what their customers really wanted from their brand. They wanted to know what at which points of their customers’ journey issues arose and what those issues were. Using Impact Analysis, we told them.

To get to the heart of the matter, we took customer feedback comments from survey data over a two year period (over 50,000 comments). This cohort was broken down into two areas: sales and service.  After all, these are two distinct business functions and as such have different processes and pinch points that we wanted to identify.

Impact analysis with automotive client

To make sense of this large data set, we used Impact Analysis (predictive modelling) to identify the key themes, both positive and negative, that were the key drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction for both departments.

Once these key topics were identified, they were over-laid against the client’s own customer journey maps. The impact analysis highlighted many very positive elements in the “initial greeting to purchase” and several negative issues during the “purchase to finish” phases which led to dissatisfaction amongst clients.

As a result of the full analysis, we drafted a list of things the customers expect during the sales and service processes and identified a number of high level priorities for the business to focus on improving. These included communication improvements with the client post-purchase, better internal processes required for busy times at dealerships, and changes to the standards with which sales and service customers are treated – every customer is equally important.

The response from our client to the analysis was overwhelmingly positive:

“I would like to thank you for this work and acknowledge that this report is very clear, concise and valuable to us.  The content has been socialised within the business and as such we are using the report findings to streamline our approach in our key customer service and core process strategies.”

The Jardine Difference

“A vitally important part of delivering the Jardine Difference is the speed with which we resolve customers’ issues when they arise.

That is why, as of now, all employees who deal directly with customers – from receptionists and dealership hosts to technicians – are empowered to resolve customer issues and have a discretionary budget of up to £250 per customer to do so.

“Our front line employees are closest to the issue and in the best possible position to know what we need to do in order to tackle the issue there and then. We trust them to do the right thing,” says Jason Cranswick, Commercial Director.

Successful trials

The programme was introduced officially across the Group in May, following successful trials in Lakeside Mercedes-Benz, Aylesbury Volkswagen and Welwyn Land Rover.

“When there are problems, service levels drop and we know that the speed and ease with which we resolve those issues plays a massive part in customer satisfaction levels. Indeed, resolving an issue quickly can turn customers into real advocates.”

While Jason is keen to avoid pre-defining a tick list of what may qualify for the discretionary budget, he’s very clear what doesn’t. “This is not about champagne moments or random acts of kindness. Nor it is about trying to ‘buy’ a positive score.

“It’s about resolving on first contact an issue that avoids the need for delay or escalation and reinstates or builds further the faith that a customer has in us and proves that we do have a Jardine Difference.

Commitment to be the best

The First Contact Resolution programme demonstrates our commitment to our mission to be the best motor retailer in the UK and to deliver unparalleled levels of customer service. It also demonstrates our commitment to delivering on our values of Judgement, Ownership, Leadership, Integrity and Passion (JOLIP).

Jason concludes by encouraging all front line employees to put their new authority to good use. “We would just say trust your instincts. We will always support your decision and learn from each time one of us takes the initiative. We’re excited to see how it’s going to be used.”

New partner will Ferret out valuable info from feedback data

In September, we will be joining forces with a new partner to help us analyse and interpret all of the feedback we receive from customers and manufacturers. It’s called Feedback Ferret!

Feedback Ferret will enable us to take the feedback from Manufacturer Scores to Reevoo ratings and even Live Chat comments and categorise them into positive, negative and neutral ratings of a brand or dealership.

Jason Cranswick says: “Scores are great but we need to dig deeper. This system will let us do just that and make insightful decisions based on it.”

Feedback Ferret data will be available to leadership teams and used in future development planning in their business.


This article was published in Issue 8 of
“Torque – Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo divisional news from the Jardine Motor Group”

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