Seeing survey response rates increase by 20%

How Feedback Ferret helped


"Fundamentally we work on the basis that you can ask the customers as many structured questions as you like, but they will tell you what’s most important to them in the verbatim comments section. If you can’t effectively analyse this then you are missing out on customer gold!"
Jonny Combe
General Manager, Product and Channel Development


BMW wanted a new analysis service to enhance existing BMW customer and employee satisfaction programmes embedded in its culture, commonly known as 10 Point Customer Promise and 10 Point Employee Commitments.


20% increase in survey response rates:
Greater insight from free text surveys than tick box surveys;
Significantly faster reaction to production problems.

The Programme

Feedback Ferret has demonstrated considerable accuracy and topic analysis, providing significant enhancement to the existing Star Rating programme. Feedback Ferret analyses the data collected from all sales, after-sales and product satisfaction surveys from BMW, MINI and Motorrad BMW Bikes division. The surveys themselves are managed in-house by BMW. Since the luxury brand reduced the number of questions on it’s customer feedback survey from 35 to just 4, response levels have increased by an impressive 20%. This is proof that the easier you make it for customers to give feedback, the higher the response rates will be.

A detailed set of customer feedback topics are mapped to the BMW Customer Promise and Employee Commitment subject points, with additional automotive reporting topics covering other areas of customer interactions and vehicle feedback.

Feedback Ferret has provided full training and continual support for all the users of the online system. The factories have also seen the solution and are very keen to have fast feedback about the products. They now get that feedback within 24 hours of a customer leaving their comments.

The Client Service team is now seeing greater insights from the rich verbatim they get as a result of the shorter survey. So much so, other departments such as Roadside Assistance and Customer Contact Centre are following the same route.

BMW UK customer management teams have been using Feedback Ferret for some years to track customer feedback to make speedy decisions about their customer experience. BMW Aftersales Director, Richard Price said: “I love it! It works brilliantly and does everything I need it to do.”

Having access to full customer feedback within 24 hours has been a big plus point with production staff who are also very enthusiastic about the Feedback Ferret solution. They like the fact that they can react quickly to production issues.

BMW really is asking less and getting more!