Using feedback to maintain the highest standards of quality

How Feedback Ferret helped

Titan Travel

“Ferret Explore is revolutionary. It has changed my life!” In particular, the managers love how easy it is to view, analyse and import the data."
Titan Product Manager


Titan Travel are re-known for their quality tour holidays. The company go so far as to say “Titan will never compromise on quality”. So when they approached Feedback Ferret asking for help to ensure any problems that arise during their worldwide touring holidays are dealt with in a timely manner, we rose to the challenge.

With an understanding of the importance and value of customer feedback, Titan Travel uses online sources for monitoring customer feedback. But until now, they were unable to effectively manage the vast quantity of feedback comments and convert them into taking action.


Increased loyalty through better engagement with customers;
Feedback helps with negotiations with suppliers.

The Programme

The data – both qualitative and quantitative – from all the online reviews and surveys is regularly fed into the Ferret text analysis engine. The Ferret analyses it and the results are uploaded to our web-based data exploration tool, Ferret Explore.

All of the Titan Travel Product Managers have direct access to Ferret Explore, which enables interrogation and browsing of the text analysis. On a daily basis, they use the tool to proactively manage the feedback.

Ferret Explore’s Red Flags Report has been particularly popular with the Product Managers. Any negative comments are red flagged and the Managers can quickly and easily identify the underlying issues and manage the root causes. These could lie with individual hotels, bus or cruise companies, couriers or other tour operators. By having easy and quick access to the text analysis results, they can rectify problems before they escalate.

The Managers have noticed that many loyal customers leave good satisfaction ratings but that they also write negative comments. This gives them real insight into where things are going wrong. They then contact these loyal customers, empathise with them and acknowledge that action will be taken. As a result, Titan Travel keeps these customers happy and maintains their retention rates.

Another benefit of the feedback platform is negotiating refunds from their suppliers. When a customer lodges a complaint and they deserve a refund, Titan Travel uses the customer feedback comments as part of the evidence in any particular case. This means they are able to reclaim the money back from their suppliers more readily.

The text analysis results also enable Titan Travel HQ to evaluate the success of all the tours and to define the tour offering for the following year. By analysing the data, decisions as to whether the company continues to sell a particular tour or to use a specific hotel or bus company are made based on the feedback received and analysed by the Ferret.