Reducing operational costs

How Feedback Ferret helped

Guinness Partnership

“By using Feedback Ferret, we are now able to find the hotspots for complaints and deep dive into any aspect of our operations. We can quickly, easily and accurately find out what our customers are saying. We have already reaped the rewards by taking action on the feedback and, in the process, saved ourselves money and improved our processes.”
Chris Haynes
Head of Customer Insight


The Guinness Partnership needed to find a method of automatically analysing large volumes of customer feedback. Before implementing Feedback Ferret’s text analytics, they had to read through all the feedback on spreadsheets and apply manual coding and themes. This system was both inefficient and inconsistent. Head of Customer Insight, Chris Haynes, explains: “Extracting any insight from our manual process was like looking for a needle in a haystack – we knew we needed to automate the process. We also wanted more accurate and granular detail about what our customers were saying"

How it works

The Guinness Partnership send over all the comments from 3 surveys – two brand trackers for renters and homeowners and the post repair transactional survey. They also send over all complaints and compliments received by the contact centre.

The comments are analysed by Feedback Ferret and the files are returned with all comments categorised into topics and a sentiment score applied to each comment. The Guinness Partnership then feeds the data into their BI tool, Tableau, and passes the insights to the customer experience team. Action plans are then drafted to fix the issues raised by customers.


Cost savings;
Helping customers feel safe;
Improved processes for customers;
Fewer surveys

Boilers & Heating

In a scheme in Hampshire, the business was seeing a spike in the number of complaints about repairs. Guinness was able to identify one common theme in the feedback – boilers and heating systems were breaking down time and time again. By using their Feedback Ferret results in conjunction with other operational data, they identified that this was happening at the same properties. So, rather than continue to pay for ongoing repairs, they decided to replace a specific set of boilers with new ones.

Light Bulbs

The business wanted to know which problems in communal areas caused most customer dissatisfaction. As it’s difficult to do a survey about communal repairs (there is no specific person to ask unlike a repair in a home), the insight team dug into the data that was already available. They discovered that leaks and light bulbs caused negative sentiment. The light bulbs referred to broken bulbs which made residents feel unsafe. These are relatively cheap to repair so action was taken accordingly. It was thanks to text analytics that this issue was brought to their attention.

Covid 19

Since summer 2020, the business has been concerned about Covid 19 and wanted to find out how customers had perceived their reaction to the pandemic. Earlier in 2020, Feedback Ferret has automatically added a new topic into the results data - Covid 19.  So rather than do a new survey, the insights team simply looked into the new category on their dashboards. They learned that customers were generally appreciative of the business keeping services going through the lockdown and especially the outbound welfare calls to vulnerable customers. What also came to the fore was the importance of repairs and maintenance operatives being seen in PPE whenever they were visible to customers, who were feeling vulnerable and tentative about letting people into their homes. As a result, the message that operatives must wear masks and gloves as soon as they are visible to customers was reinforced.


Customer facing staff felt there was an issue around the maintenance of trees (pruning in particular). Rather than undertake a specific survey, the insights team was able to search for any tree related comments within the data analysed by Feedback Ferret. The results showed that tree pruning was not a significant topic of concern and one less survey was undertaken.

Health & Safety Management

Guinness has used customer feedback to add another dimension to their safety management. Any anecdotal Health & Safety issues raised by customers are picked up by Feedback Ferret and populated into dedicated topics on their dashboard. These issues can be identified very quickly through the Ferret reporting platform, escalated to the relevant team and action can be taken immediately to help make improvements.