Feedback is a vital tool for driving customer experience

How Feedback Ferret helped


"Gone are the days when product quality alone is sufficient to win over and keep customers loyal. Feedback Ferret is a vital tool in helping us to deliver an excellent customer experience throughout the world."
Mike Sopp
Head of Service Engineering & Aftersales


McLaren Automotive has set their sights high in launching Retailer operations in over 28 countries, with production and operations based in the UK. The challenge is to ensure that a global customer base is assured of the quality and reliability of the vehicle as well as Retailer performance being second to none. So McLaren Automotive looked to Feedback Ferret for help in achieving this.


Global customer feedback programme;
Closed-loop follow-up after every contact;
Focus on NPS ratings to drive improvements in dealer experience and product quality

The Programme

To understand customer perception on reliability and quality, one approach would have been to bombard the customer with a long questionnaire that asks about every aspect of the vehicle. However, even then it would be difficult to find out why customers rate something the way they do. In addition, response rates would be extremely low – no-one has the time for that kind of feedback survey today.

Going on to ask the customer questions about the Retailer performance as well will just serve to frustrate customers all the more and further reduce the scope for useful analysis.

To address the challenge, Feedback Ferret has configured a real-time interface to the McLaren Automotive CRM system. Every sales or service interaction with any McLaren Retailer enables Feedback Ferret to automatically trigger an invite to the customer requesting their feedback.

With text analysis at the core of the feedback process, the surveys can be reduced to just a couple of simple rating questions, coupled to the open-ended questions to let customers explain their reasons why they gave the scores.

The invitations – and the linked web surveys – are sent in any of eight languages; comments can also be submitted in any language. Invitations use a mix of email and SMS channels, dependent on geography and data availability. This is all designed to give customers a positive experience of the feedback process itself, as well as capturing the required level of insight.

Once the feedback has been processed by the text analysis engine, Feedback Ferret ensures the right information is delivered to the right people within the business. Retailers have access to an online response system. Using the text analytics results, important tasks are created for the Retailers to which responses to customers must be made within a given period – this places firm emphasis on the Retailer to respond and act quickly on relevant and important customer feedback.


Feedback from the Retailers regarding this process has been very positive as they now have a tool that allows them to fully manage their own customer experience. McLaren Automotive customers love this process too – they are often amazed (and impressed!) that their feedback is being listened to and acted upon.

Retailers do not have targets for survey scores. Their measured objective is simply to respond to the customer feedback within the agreed SLA time frame, which is measured through the Feedback Ferret platform. Additional KPI reporting and Impact Analytics ensure that key McLaren Automotive standards and tracked.

The categorised verbatim is also fed back into the McLaren Automotive CRM system. This means that at any time, when a customer contacts a Retailer or HQ, the full history of that customer’s experience is available on screen in a quick and easy-to-digest format.

Feedback Ferret sends automated Hot Alerts to the CRM system for swift resolutions by the McLaren Automotive Client Services Team where the matter is outside the responsibility of the retailers. Again, this helps to maximise the relevance for each of the users of the platform, helping to optimise uptake, usage and engagement.

Design & Manufacturing

Automated report trackers and alerts are also directed to the design and production teams in the UK who use the insight as a basis for training and product improvement. The text analytics extract all information the customer has mentioned: from Carbon Ceramic Brakes to Air Brakes, Infotainment system to traction control.

Feedback Ferret works closely with the manufacturing teams to decipher ‘technical speak’ into ‘customer speak’ to ensure accurate categorisation of the verbatim comments. This allows the engineers to quickly identify which aspect of the vehicle the customer is referring to and take necessary actions.

This is a completely joined up feedback system for McLaren Automotive, from the multi-lingual, multi-channel feedback gathering, through the text analysis and reporting of relevant information to the right people on a timely basis. Feedback Ferret undertakes all the complex configuration to ensure all departments can take appropriate action using easy-to-use tools.

On top of all that, the response rate to survey invites currently stands at 45%, with no inducements or pressure from retailers.

Win win win…