Increasing re-bookings rate and saving £ millions

How Feedback Ferret helped


"By listening and acting on the negative comments, we have won unhappy customers back into the fold, improved facilities on specific sites, better equipped our accommodation according to customer needs and improved our staff training. The benefits of the programme are very clear to see throughout the organisation.“We have 25 members of staff at Head Office who use the Ferret dashboards regularly and it is now our greatest management tool for influencing our business decisions for our holiday offering. The fact that the programme is multi-lingual is also a real benefit to us as it facilitates greater understanding of our customers’ feedback, irrespective of the language they speak.”
James Turner
New Product Development


Four years after adopting Feedback Ferret to manage their customer feedback programme, the Ferret is now Eurocamp’s greatest management tool for influencing their business decisions for their holiday offering. The holiday company has a simple but comprehensive customer feedback programme and uses the information provided by Feedback Ferret to manage their operations on several different levels.


400% increase in re-booking rates amongst ‘unhappy’ customers;
Saved £4 million – not replacing the guest furniture;
More efficient maintenance teams.

The Programme

On return from their camping holiday, each customer is invited by email to complete a short, verbatim-led survey where they are free to write openly about their holiday experience. The surveys are sent in multiple languages, depending on the nationality of the holidaymaker.

The results are analysed using Feedback Ferret’s sophisticated text analysis technology to identify more than 400 topics as well as attribute a sentiment score to their comments.

Regular reports are sent to head office in addition to hot alerts relating to urgent matters being sent to the frontline operational staff. Interactive dashboards provide management and insight teams with fast information about what customers are saying and how that impacts on satisfaction rates.

Customer feedback at the heart of operations

Eurocamp has adopted a customer-centric approach to their operations and the regular team meetings at head office focus solely on meeting the customer’s needs. Each Monday morning, the senior management team meets to discuss the feedback received the previous week. Operational action plans are formulated and distributed to the respective teams within 24 hours.

For example, any customer who expresses negative sentiment about any part of their holiday is promptly contacted by customer services, who acknowledge and empathise with the customer. The customer is reassured that their comments are listened to and acted upon. This activity alone has resulted in an uplift of more than 400% in re-bookings from this group of “unhappy” customers. This is a clear demonstration of the power in listening and empathising with your customers.

Investment priorities

Eurocamp had considered investing in a major upgrade of the outdoor furniture on all their campsites. Prior to signing off this investment, it was suggested that customer feedback from the past year be analysed just to check customer opinions about the furniture, and what impact it may have on satisfaction rates. Very few negative comments about the furniture were found and as a result, £4m was saved by NOT replacing the guest furniture. The capital expenditure was prioritised in other areas which had an impact on customer satisfaction rates.

Feeding the right information to the right people at the right time

To resolve problems in a timely manner – and before they escalate to serious levels – Feedback Ferret sends real-time ‘hot alerts’ direct to the on-site couriers. These alerts are sent to the couriers’ tablets and ONLY relate to issues concerning their own site and where the issues can be resolved by the courier, e.g. issues relating to cleanliness, accommodation equipment, site facilities, etc. After all, there is no point in the frontline courier being told about a complaint relating to the price of a holiday or the location of their campsite as these issues beyond their control. The couriers also have access to the online Feedback Ferret dashboards so they can drill down and see more details of any complaint if they need to.

Regional Managers stay fully informed too

Eurocamp’s Regional Managers are also party to Feedback Ferret reports. They receive regular regional reports covering all sites in their geographic areas. These enable the managers to monitor remedial actions being taken by their couriers and address any specific training needs of their staff.

Maintenance Teams becoming more efficient

Eurocamp’s Maintenance Teams are now prioritising their workload using information provided by Feedback Ferret from analysis of their customer feedback comments. Until these weekly reports were instigated, the teams visited each site on a rota basis depending on geographic location. They would turn up on a given day of any week at a site, find out what problems needed addressing and carry them out. On many occasions, they would have to leave a site shortly after arriving in order to purchase spare parts for that particular job. Additionally, not all repairs that were needed would be known by the on-site couriers.

For the 2014 season, a new system was introduced with customer feedback being the main factor driving the repair schedule. All comments relating to maintenance work were pooled and a rota was drawn up according to the severity and urgency of the maintenance issue as identified in the customer feedback. For example, repairing a blocked toilet takes priority over replacing a broken shelf. As the teams are now aware of the job BEFORE they arrive at a site, they are able to purchase the necessary spares before they arrive and the repair jobs are fixed in a more efficient manner.  This has in turn led to substantial cost savings in the maintenance department – and a greater level of satisfaction for the next customers.