Empowering both store managers and HQ with actionable insight

Empowering both B&Q store managers and HQ with actionable insight


Multi-channel customer feedback from B&Q stores and website feedback

Short surveys – just NPS score and verbatim reasons

B&Q needed to find out how their customer experience matched up to their desire to deliver outstanding service, product range and value for money in their key operating sectors, both in-store and on their DIY.com web site.

B&Q uses Feedback Ferret to gather and analyse feedback, and to report on issues which are important to its customers. B&Q head office and its stores can now make use of this actionable insight to make a real difference to their customer experience.

In-store leaflets stimulate multi-channel customer feedback, whilst banners and buttons on the B&Q DIY.com website ask people for their experience on the site.

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Customers can give their open-ended comments through:-

  • Voice message
  • Text message
  • E-mail
  • Web feedback forms

Data analysis and reporting

Feedback Ferret manages the entire suite of feedback channels for B&Q, focusing on Net Promoter Score and a single verbatim comment to find out the reason behind the score.

Feedback Ferret consolidates all response data for analysis and reporting. The Ferret text analysis engine provides the contextual analysis of all customer comments to make sense of what they have said, delivering useful, actionable reports to management at the stores and HQ.