Dramatic improvement in ReAssure call centre performance

Dramatic improvement in ReAssure call centre performance


45 second reduction in average call times

First call resolution improved by 55%

5% improvement in satisfaction rating

Customer retention is a priority for ReAssure (formerly known as Windsor Life), a UK Life and Pensions company. It is essential that customers have a positive experience when they have made contact with the organisation.


Rather than using a traditional customer satisfaction survey, ReAssure wanted to implement a feedback system that would gather the attitudes and judgements of customers in a way that was quick and easy for customers, but that didn’t constrain their feedback to a limited range of pre-formatted questions that may not have been particularly relevant to them.

Where the customer has provided an email address, Feedback Ferret sends an email invitation to give their feedback about their recent contact with ReAssure. If the customer had only provided a mobile number, an SMS text message is sent, asking the customer to give their feedback either via the web form or to call a simple IVR survey on an 0800 free phone number.

The web form simply asks for a satisfaction score and the customer’s comments about why they gave that score. Feedback from the web forms is loaded directly to the Feedback Ferret analysis platform, appearing on the dashboard view within moments. Voicemail messages are converted to text through the fully automated text transcription service. These arrive on the dashboards within 15 minutes.

Ferret reporting dashboards

All feedback data is processed through the Feedback Ferret text analysis engine, identifying the themes, topics and sentiment expressed by customers.

Numerous dashboard reports and views make it very quick and easy for ReAssure management to identify the key topics raised by customers and to drill down to the underlying text. Response rates run to more than 14% of invited customers. More than 50% of responses arrive within 2 days of the invitation, providing an extremely fast feedback loop for the business to understand what customers think about their experience.

ReAssure has been able to identify several areas of operations, process and training that can now be addressed as priorities from the insight that Feedback Ferret has provided.