C-Sat score rising from 3/10 to 9/10

How Feedback Ferret helped

Daisy Group

“As a result of the information Feedback Ferret provides us with, we have already identified several areas of the business we need to improve upon. We are taking corrective action to deal with these and are looking forward to seeing an improvement in our bottom line as a result.”
Roger Watson


Daisy is a B2B telecommunications company with over 60,000 customers. The company has grown very rapidly over the last 10 years as a result of a dynamic programme of acquisition. The challenge now facing Daisy is achieving organic growth. They need to sell more products and services to existing customers and improve customer retention rates. They need to better understand where they are getting things right so they can replicate best practice, and identify where they are getting things wrong so they can understand root causes.

A year prior to working with Daisy Group, the IT and business communications provider was rated just one star out of five by Trustpilot, and had a trust rating of less than three out of 10.


Today, those figures have soared to 5/5 and 9.2 out of 10 respectively.

The Programme

After each customer interaction, be it on the telephone or via a sales representative in the field, Daisy asks for feedback. They ask two questions: How likely are they to recommend Daisy as a supplier? Why did they give that score? Approximately 10,000 feedback invitations are sent out each month and the responses are fed directly into the Feedback Ferret text analysis engine. All feedback data is available immediately to view on the Ferret Explore dashboard.

Daisy is seeing clear patterns in the feedback of where they are performing strongly or poorly – be they particular geographic areas, specific products or services, or individual people in call centres.  Impact Analysis is used to determine which corrective actions will result in the most significant increases in customer retention. This customer feedback data is being used to target specific key areas of the business, increase cross-selling, reducing churn and ultimately improving the bottom line.