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Gaining deeper insight into customer experience

How Feedback Ferret helped


Over a 2 year period, the NPS scores across all stores rose 11.5 points.


Argos collected customer feedback through two main channels: in-store ‘scoring’ devices and the “Tell Argos” web survey. The web survey added insight through several open-ended comments questions to supplement the ‘scores only’ in-store devices.


Over a 2 year period, the NPS scores across all stores rose 11.5 points.

The Programme

Feedback Ferret analysed the web survey content to deliver insight into what customers were saying in their surveys, enabling Argos to respond rapidly to this large volume of feedback. This helped the customer service teams in every store to act on the feedback on a very timely basis, rather than waiting for the quarterly ‘Mystery Shopping’ results.

Weekly summary reports were generated for stores, Area and Regional teams, combining the web survey feedback analysis with additional customer satisfaction metrics from the push button devices in-store, the mystery shop scores, sales performance through each trading day and the speed of service at the tills.These KPI reports were emailed to more than 800 store and Area team managers within 8 hours of receiving the data each week, providing a valuable summary of the key drivers to fuel continuous improvements to customer satisfaction.