Delivering fast insight

How Feedback Ferret helped



Like many retailers, ASDA runs shopper surveys to gather feedback about customer experience in its stores. The “Tell ASDA” surveys are triggered from point-of-sale and till receipt prompts. Straight-forward statistical analysis is handled by the survey agency, but for insight into what customers say in more than 60 comments questions, ASDA turned to Feedback Ferret to make sense of this valuable source of information.


ASDA were able to identify individual staff who had given exceptional levels of service;
Enabled significant improvements to product range and availability.

The Programme

In all, more than 800 topics covering all aspects of the products, staffing and store environment were created to enable ASDA to understand everything that customers thought were important to their experience in the stores.

Feedback Ferret provided weekly KPI reports to head office, and enabled interactive analysis through its powerful Analytics Dashboard module, giving management teams real-time access to customer insight for their area of the business.

Staff recognition programmes were also driven by the Ferret application, enabling ASDA to identify individual staff named by customers who had given exceptional levels of service.

Weekly product availability and ranging reports enabled ASDA to get on top of customer expectations for stock levels and product choice at store level.