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“By listening and acting on the negative comments, we have won unhappy customers back into the fold, improved facilities on specific sites, better equipped our accommodation according to customer needs and improved our staff training. The benefits of the programme are very clear to see throughout the organisation. Feedback Ferret is our greatest management tool for influencing our business decisions for our holiday offering.”

James Turner, Eurocamp

Insight is only valuable if you act on it!

Feedback Ferret’s sophisticated reporting tools empower you and your front-line people with the insight from customer feedback that you need. Use it to take proactive action to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and business performance.

All our tools are very easy to use and enable you to drill down as deep as you want into the results.

Within the Feedback Management Platform, there are the following tools:

Insight Dashboard

Our Dashboard is a web-based data exploration tool which enables interrogation and browsing of the text analysis results. Topics, sentiment and emotions can all be viewed in conjunction with the full range of structured data associated with the customer feedback (e.g. survey scores and survey attributes, linked financial information or other customer profile data from your CRM tool). 


Our automated Alerts enable you to troubleshoot issues before they escalate. They inform you in real time of feedback that may be considered a business threat and require immediate follow-up. Examples may include mentions of legal threats, theft, fraud, ombudsman, harassment etc. Align Ferret Alerts to key company objectives.
Ombudsman cases, compensation and refunds, warranty claims etc. all cost money. These can be measured and  monitored over time to help understand the ROI of your Voice of Customer programme. It only takes a handful of successfully resolved cases per month for the programme to pay for itself.


We offer a comprehensive range of custom reports compiled by our expert team of Analysts. We aim to pass the “20 second rule” – your employees must be able to understand quickly what customers think about their experience and know what action to take to improve satisfaction and loyalty.
Different reports can be generated for different users and management levels to ensure that each role receives the right information in the right level of detail. This helps them easily identify what action needs to be taken.

Data Exports

If you have your own analyst resources, we can supply you with the categorised results for you to run your own analysis and interrogations. Your data can be automatically exported to your corporate CRM or any other reporting system. This enables you to link business intelligence tools to online database for real time analysis and reporting.

Analyst Services

We understand the importance of delivering real value to your customer experience programme and our consulting services help ensure you generate a positive ROI on it. So, if you have high volumes of customer feedback but insufficient internal resources to analyse it, we can help. Our analysts work with you to understand your business and its goals. We can work either inside your organisation or remotely, in partnership with you and your customer experience team. They will show you where to focus your efforts and how to improve your business performance.

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