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Customer experience reporting

Gathering feedback

“By listening and acting on the negative comments, we have won unhappy customers back into the fold, improved facilities on specific sites, better equipped our accommodation according to customer needs and improved our staff training. The benefits of the programme are very clear to see throughout the organisation. Feedback Ferret is our greatest management tool for influencing our business decisions for our holiday offering.”

James Turner, Eurocamp

Feedback Ferret’s comprehensive and highly sophisticated suite of customer experience reporting tools empower you and your front-line people with the insight from feedback that you need so you can take proactive action to improve customer satisfaction.

All our customer satisfaction reporting tools are very easy to use and enable you to drill down as deep as you want into the results.

Within the Feedback Ferret platform, there are the following reporting tools:Reporting



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Online Data Hub – Ferret Explore

Our hugely popular Ferret Explore is the bedrock of our reporting tools. This online data hub enables you to quickly see the scale of topics raised by customers and explore the reasons behind their scores. It comprises a powerful, web-based suite of data visualizations and reports to explore the verbatim analysis in conjunction with other feedback and customer data.


Hot Alerts

Hot Alerts is an incredibly powerful business intelligence tool for use by front-line staff when very negative has been given. The Ferret flags up ‘Hot Alerts’ in customer feedback and sends them to front-line staff via email or SMS, depending on your requirements, so they can trouble-shoot issues before they escalate or sales opportunities are lost.


PDF Email Reports

Feedback Ferret is able to produce customer satisfaction reports, tailored to your needs. These reports deliver key information to specific user groups (typically retail outlets, call centre teams, area field teams, executive management).

All customer experience reports are easy to digest: we aim to pass the “20 second rule” – your busy frontline people must be able to understand quickly what customers think about their experience and know how they can improve their customer experience and satisfaction.

Reports are automatically emailed to users in PDF, Excel or PowerPoint formats, depending on your requirements.


To Do Lists – Ferret Respond

Ferret Respond is an online business intelligence tool for managing tasks derived from your feedback. The tool creates cases, task lists and workflows. You can monitor progress, ensuring your customers get the service they deserve.

Through Ferret Respond, you can manage real-time communication with customers to ‘close the loop’, set up multiple ‘Queues’ with custom workflow for your business requirements, record all actions taken and monitor performance levels and actions taken by Queue owners.


Data Export & API

To maximise value from your feedback, your data can be automatically exported to your corporate CRM or any other reporting system. This enables you to link business intelligence tools to online database for real time analysis and reporting.

Data can be exported in real-time or in batch outputs and can be customized to work with your existing processes and tools.


Analyst Services

Feedback Ferret offers a full range of text analysis services as well as providing dedicated analyst services and text mining software for your business. Our text Analysts can work either inside your organisation or remotely, in partnership with you and your customer experience team.

They provide the right people with the right information at the right time and show you where to focus your efforts so you can improve business performance. They are specifically designed to help you get maximum value from your customer experience analysis.


FF 1 Gathering Feedback 595x8423