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The Perfect Customer Feedback Survey

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The world has changed and the perfect customer feedback survey is now here. You no longer need tedious, lengthy tick-box surveys to find out what your customers think about their experience with you.

With Feedback Ferret Text Analytics, you can use the most customer-friendly method of gathering feedback – feedback that asks for a single rating score followed by open-ended comment. Allow customers to tell you things you don’t already know using the perfect customer feedback survey.

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10 tips for the perfect customer feedback survey:

  1. Keep your survey short – two or three questions are enough.
  2. Tell customers it will be a short survey – they are more likely to complete it.
  3. Don’t ask the customer what you should already know; ie who, where, what
  4. Always start by asking them to rate their own experience either as
    • a 0-10 NPS score
    • a 5 Star Satisfaction Rating
    • Compliment/Complaint/Suggestion
  5. Ask customers to give feedback in their own words (avoid “death by tick box”).
  6. Don’t limit the amount of text that they can enter – it’s pretty annoying to be stopped in mid-flow.
  7. Strike while the iron is hot – ask for feedback as soon after their interaction as possible.
  8. Make it convenient for customers to complete – any time, any channel.
  9. Don’t use a financial incentive to encourage response; most customers who have something to say will tell you anyway. An incentive or prize draw tends to bias the results more positively.
  10. Above all, make the feedback survey itself a positive brand experience for the customer.

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