Our Partners

Business Systems

With well over 25 years of experience, Business Systems is the UK’s largest independent provider of Call Recording and Workforce Optimisation solutions, representing some of the most recognised global innovators in the industry. Business Systems supports organisations with critical phone-based interactions, ensuring high levels of service quality and customer satisfaction.


TrackBack provides a unique lead management reporting platform for communications between automotive dealers and their customers.
Audio and verbatim comment from the TrackBack platform is analysed by Feedback Ferret’s text analysis engine.

Ethos Farm

Ethos Farm transforms workforces into brand custodians by providing end to end customer service solutions.  With an approach that they call Customer Service Architecture and Engineering, Ethos Farm delivers enhanced customer service using consultancy, learning and development, and technology solutions. These services support each other to make their clients’ employees the best they can be for their customers.


SDL provide language translation solutions for Feedback Ferret when complex translations by humans are required.

Vox Sciences

VoxSciences’ VERBS (Virtual Engine for Recognition of Basic Speech) engine converts voice messages into text messages and delivers them either as an email, SMS or via an API interface. These transcription services are used by Feedback Ferret when clients require audio feedback to be analysed.


Verve is a specialist in Community Panels and Agile Insight approaches. They use multiple sources of data – behavioural, transactional and primary market research – to explain what consumers are actually doing. This is overlaid with thoughtful, innovative research that makes the most of technology and engages today’s active consumer. Verve delivers credible, compelling and commercially minded answers to business questions.

Call Handling

Call Handling deliver managed solutions to enhance communications using state of the art cloud contact centre technology, meaning clients can benefit from feature-rich omni-channel call centre solutions free from the burdens of capital expenditure and hardware costs. They enable clients to give better customer service at a lower cost and therefore grow faster.