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Feedback Ferret Services
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Our services

Collect and combine customer feedback from any touchpoint

Feedback Ferret collects all customer feedback comments from surveys, online reviews and social media. We combine the comments with other customer information (customer details, transactions, locations, bookings, etc.) to give you a 360 degree view of your customers’ experience.

No surveys yet? We can set-up and operate one for you!

Automatic analysis of customer comments

Feedback Ferret’s powerful text analysis technology quickly and accurately identifies all the relevant topics, sentiment and emotions in your customer comments. This allows you to view your feedback by interest area or segment your customers.

Insight dashboard

What is driving satisfaction ratings? Users can drill down into the actual comments, select filters to focus on specific areas, and download the results for further analysis, reporting and action.

Closed-loop follow-up of customer issues

Task Manager is our online tool for managing your response to customer feedback. Our tool easily creates cases, task lists and workflows. You can monitor progress, ensuring your customers get the service they deserve from anywhere in the organisation.

Client Support & CX Advice

From the outset, we seek to understand your business, its aims and capabilities. We understand the importance of delivering real value to your customer experience program and our ultimate aim is to ensure you generate a positive ROI on it.

For more general information about our products and services, please see our Product Guide or contact us to arrange a demo: 


Ferret Paper

Ferret Paper