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Metropolitan Police use us to help improve customer experience

Find out how Feedback Ferret is playing a pivotal role in helping the Metropolitan Police improve customer experience.

Text Analytics and The Human Touch

What do self-drive cars and text analytics have in common? They both need the human touch. Find out why.

Customer feedback drives product development

Unsure whether better quality seats were needed for their vehicle, our client turned to customer feedback to find out what customers wanted.

Word Clouds – valuable insight tool or just hot air? 

We’re often asked about them – do we do them? How useful are they? Find out why we don’t hold this trendy data visualisation tool in high regard.

Is your feedback programme being knocked off-course?

Sometimes, things don’t go according to plan. Is your customer feedback programme delivering the results you expected?

Identifying the straw that breaks the camel’s back

Is your organisation able to identify those moments that push a customer over the edge? You know, the straws that break the camel’s back?

When is a happy customer not a happy customer?

Your happiest customers may rate you 10/10 but don’t ignore their negative feedback comments. They are gold dust!

Customer surveys: We’ve always done it that way!

Are you churning out the same customer feedback surveys, not daring to change for fear of comparing apples and pears? It’s time to take a leap of faith.

Make decisions faster – use Text Analytics

Have you ever wanted a Focus Group at your finger tips? Use Text Analytics. Find out how this can help you make faster strategic decisions.

Have your customer feedback cake & eat it

Customer feedback surveys often focus on key KPIs rather than customer experience. Find out how you can focus on both and still get all the insight you’ll ever need.

The perils of rewarding staff on scores

Surveys should tell you how well you are meeting the needs of your customers but in reality, a lot of surveys are only used to reward staff performance.

Using Impact Analysis to make big and quick improvements to CX

Uncover what’s really driving your customer loyalty, scores and sentiment, and focus your efforts where it will make the biggest impact on your bottom line.