Why Choose An End to End VoC Solution? - Feedback Ferret

Why choose an end to end Voice of Customer solution?

Here at Feedback Ferret, we often talk about our end to end solution for customer experience. But what does that actually mean and what are the benefits of this for our clients?

By definition, “end to end” is a term that suggests that the supplier of a system or solution will provide ALL the components and resources to meet the customer’s requirement. That is exactly what we do and the real benefit to our clients is that no other supplier or partner need be involved in their customer experience programme.

Our expertise lies in the delivery of the entire project, from the initial consultation and specification with the client right through to the launch of the programme and subsequent handover.

We use the initial consultation and test period to find out exactly what our clients’ requirements are and ensure these are turned into a detailed proposal. We go on to deliver exactly what is wanted and once we have delivered the solution, we will provide documentation, training and ongoing support. In this way, clients fully understand how to generate effective insight from the data to make the necessary changes which improve customer experience.

We also deliver on time and on budget by providing project management services and by working closely with our client’s internal departments to make sure that what they asked for is what we deliver.

In a nutshell, we don’t just deal with the technical back end software of text analytics. We deal with every part of the solution from inception to implementation. This means our clients have one port of call, one invoice, one partner.