Customer satisfaction surveys vs feedback forms

What’s the difference between a customer satisfaction survey and a feedback form?

Surveys are often used to gauge overall satisfaction, rather than taking specific problems into account. So if one part of your service is abysmal but everything else five-star, rather than seeing one obvious area which demands improvement to bring you up to a perfect figure, you’re more likely to end up with a vague and middle-of-the-road score and no idea of how to improve customer satisfaction effectively.

Why use a customer satisfaction survey?

Comment-based feedback is direct and presents itself in a way which treats your customer as an individual, making them feel like you’re actually interested in their opinion and using it to make things better, not simply converting their satisfaction into a number. With proper customer insight, you can more effectively create a customer experience analysis.

Asking open-ended verbatim questions solves several problems. Customers will raise issues about which you had no idea, shortening the time to discover these issues considerably.

3 feedback bubbles jpgMaking open ended questions the focus of the customer feedback survey, rather than an apologetic “Any other comments?” section at the end of the feedback form will provide richer information, enabling you to go ‘ferreting’ through the data to discover what really makes your customers tick and immediately provides you insight on how to improve customer satisfaction.

Once you know this, it is then a relatively simple exercise to stop doing the things that customers dislike, and do more of the things they do like.

After all, that’s what it’s all about: helping to make you as good as you say you are.

By Sonia Sparkes, Sales Operations Manager