Drive Customer Loyalty In Your Call Centre - Feedback Ferret

What actions in your call centre drive customer loyalty

Feedback Ferret specializes in making sense of the things your customers say. By combining comments from all types of sources (routine surveys, research, social media, and others) into one easy-to-use dashboard, companies can quickly see the trending topics among customers that impact the bottom line.

For the Consumer Affairs department of Nissan North America (NNA), where Corporate and Consumer collide mainly for complaint resolution, this functionality has been used in a very literal sense. Feedback Ferret has been able to define the behaviors of each the Consumer Affairs agents which correlate most strongly to repurchase across both the Nissan and Infiniti vehicle brands.

While you may be able to guess, with relative accuracy, what type of experience a loyal customer might expect from an interaction with a call center agent, how could you be sure that your intuition was right? Is the way your client-facing staff behaves truly the most effective when it comes to creating repeat customers? In other words, which garners more profit: timeliness or honesty? Staff availability or staff quality?

Amongst many other survey feeds for Nissan and Infiniti, the Feedback Ferret contextual analysis engine has chewed through nearly two years comments from customer surveys for the Consumer Affairs department. When the customer records were matched to subsequent vehicle repurchases, the results almost spoke for themselves. Specific topics within the customer comments, as singled out by the engine, correlated to varying degrees of repurchase rate. Clear distinctions could be made between the impact of topics such as honesty, timeliness, good communication, and others on customer loyalty. Some hunches were confirmed, others debunked, and many valuable nuggets of customer intelligence were unearthed to the benefit of Nissan. As we like to say, the data told the whole story.

Our experience in the automotive field gave us the ability to provide relevant action points to Nissan in response to this analysis. But the application can be universal. Prediction of human behavior can be a maddening enterprise, but with the right tools, even the elusive can be grasped.

Do you know what makes your customers loyal to you?