How not to respond to customer feedback

Responding to negative customer feedback – how NOT to do it

The Blue Sky Hostel in Glasgow has recently received a great deal of publicity (whether this publicity was good or bad publicity is debatable!) about the way it handled a complaint from a customer.

In typical fashion, following her stay at the hostel, the customer was invited to complete a customer survey for She duly completed the online survey and her review was published on Trip Advisor:

Worst hostel I have ever stayed in. Grotty, uncomfortable, wires coming out of walls everywhere, mouldy bathrooms, only 1 working shower in the building, aggressive, foul mouthed staff & at 2am there were people having to change beds & rooms about which woke everyone else up. No light switch in the room never mind a plug socket! Bed was a foam mattress which didn’t even cover the springs. Place is a health hazard. AVOID.

This review solicited an online backlash from the hostel owner. Immediately thereafter ensued an online war of words between the customer and the hostel owner – with a few other social media pundits throwing in their comments for good measure. Many of these comments are unprintable here on this blog but feel free to read the full story from the link below.

The point of this story is simple. When a customer complains, the best policy is to listen, empathise and promise to take action. And then go and take the action you just promised!

And if you need help in actually doing this, please get in touch with us. Feedback Ferret has all the tools to help you gather, listen and act on customer feedback. Find out more on the pages on this website.

Click here to read the full story.

Peter Clamp
Feedback Ferret Operations Manager