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Optimising your customer experience

I read with interest the Customers 2020 Report which shows that customer experience will overtake price and product as the main brand differentiator by 2020.

New Thinking In Customer Satisfaction

Feedback Ferret is proud to be participating in Auto Retail Network’s event on 14 May 2015.

Don’t just talk about customer experience – do it!

The trials and tribulations of being on the wrong receiving end of “customer experience”.

Building a strong Voice of Customer programme

Yes, it’s good to collect customer feedback – but don’t spend all your time collecting and analysing it – do something with it. What a great message that is and one that we at Feedback Ferret totally endorse.

Even monks take to social media

One monk’s recent experience with United Airlines made the news when, upon reaching a stalemate with the airline, the monk took the issue public out of sheer desperation.

Satisfaction Survey Perils

Published in November 2014 by Auto Retail Bulletin, this article by Feedback Ferret’s Piers Alington, explores the inherent dangers in linking remuneration to satisfaction scores.

Customer experience and the value of human beings

We humans are unpredictable and emotional and the businesses that do customer experience best are those that recognise that and take the time to get to know their customers.

Feedback Ferret helps improve the customer experience of thousands of ferry passengers

Faced with a lack of insight into why their customers were giving the scores they were in their customer feedback surveys, P&O has turned to Feedback Ferret to help them unlock the reasons behind the scores.

Feedback Ferret’s customer feedback devices set to take Polish retail sector by storm

Following the signing of a new partnership agreement with retail technology experts, SmartLife, Feedback Ferret is gearing itself up to launch its customer feedback solution into the Polish retail market.

Suffering from survey fatigue?

Is it just me or are we all suffering from survey overload these days? Or is it just that surveying every single customer experience has become the latest trend and is now being done in such a way that this is actually affecting the experience they are surveying?

Stop second guessing your customers. Ask them!

How does a hotel chain or a travel operator know which facilities need upgrading? New beds? New bathrooms? New TVs? New soft furnishings? It’s time to stop second guessing customers and simply ask them.

Could text analytics mean the death of attributes?

Finally, the research industry gets it! This is a fantastic article which clearly demonstrates the benefits of using text analytics over attributes for customer satisfaction surveys.

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