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You Said, We Did!

Find out how ExtraCare is already taken action on the customer feedback received within the first few weeks of their pilot programme.

Is your door open to customer feedback?

Feedback Ferret enables companies to open the door to customer feedback, making it easy for people wishing to give their comments and suggestions.

Text analytics the easy way

Text analysis with Feedback Ferret is easy – we do all the heavy lifting. Find out how text mining with us saves you time and cost.

A priceless piece of customer feedback

An interesting comment about scoring systems which we found totally priceless.

Retailer pays heavy price for not listening to customer feedback

When a customer doesn’t feel valued, they vote with their wallet. And while my wallet is undoubtedly happier now, this giant of the retail world needs to sit up and start listening.

Do feedback analysis make you feel more like a statistic than a valued customer?

Whenever you receive a customer feedback survey, do you feel like “a data-provider, a statistic, a possible source for more profit”?

6 facts that will make you re-think your feedback strategy

How can organisations adapt to survey fatigue and falling response rates and still extract actionable insight from their customers’ feedback surveys?

‘Lose the will to live’ surveys

This email trail says it all about why you should avoid ‘lose the will to live’ surveys.

Brand new customer feedback programme for ExtraCare

In order to take a more strategic approach to functional areas such as maintenance, amenities and activities, a new programme has been devised in conjunction with Feedback Ferret.

Make filling in your customer feedback survey a positive experience for customers

Consumers want to do things quickly, so if retailers put as much effort into streamlining feedback channels as they do optimising their checkouts, everyone would be better off.

The Future Is Experience

Experience is the new brand. Experience, at its essence, is an emotional reaction to something and emotion drives behavior.

Feedback Ferret helps Morrisons listen to their customers

Find out how Feedback Ferret is helping Morrisons drive business improvements

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