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Impact analysis with automotive client Impact analysis in practice

How can impact analysis really help a business? Read how we helped our client focus their efforts where it really mattered.

Alzheimer's Society We have a new Ferret Fan!

Find out how Feedback Ferret is helping Alzheimer’s Society maximise their income & supporters and make better informed investment decisions.

improve customer experience Improve customer experience using your front-line staff

Improve customer experience by using your front-line staff as your “research team”. Find out how.

Metropolitan Police improve customer experience

Find out how Feedback Ferret is playing a pivotal role in helping the Metropolitan Police improve customer experience.

customer insight Festivals & Events – a guide to getting the customer insight you need

Consider using the latest technology to get customer insight from your event, improve the experience, drive loyalty and increase your bottom line. Find out more.

text analytics Is Text Analytics the right solution for you?

If you’re bamboozled by the amount of information available on Text Analytics, we’re here to help you make sense of it all.

take action Data is worthless without action

Are insights being drawn from your VoC data? And are these insights being acted upon to improve the overall customer experience?

The Times logo Feedback Ferret features in The Times business report

Find out how not to annoy your customers with long tedious surveys in today’s specialist business report in The Times.

Jason Cranswick Feedback Ferret client, Jardine Motors Group, wins Excellence in Customer Service award

Find out how Jardine Motors Group picks up top industry award for Excellence in Customer Service.

elephant Elephants and text analytics? It’s all about correct interpretation …

What have 6 blind men and an elephant got to do with text analytics? Click here to find out.

wow customer experience Hotel creates a WOW customer experience for guest with a sense of humour

Find out what happened when a Facebook friend recently enjoyed a WOW moment courtesy of the Grand Hotel in Brighton.

Text analytics for big data animated image Let the Ferret loose on your Big Data

Feedback Ferret has been proven to deliver consistently better results than Natural Language Processing, both for topic extraction and contextually correct sentiment scoring. This is important, as you need to be able to rely on what the reporting tool is telling you.

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