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Controlling your customer feedback

Structured feedback programs allow an organization to have some measure of control over their customers’ feedback. Positive commentary can be learned from and leveraged. Negative feedback can be managed to avoid having all dirty laundry aired for the world to see.

Let me give you my feedback…please?

If you let them, your customers will tell you how to meet their needs, how to get better and, most importantly, how to bring in more revenue. Your customers want to interact with you. Let them.

Delighting customers is key to Amazon success

As Amazon proves, getting to the root cause of what customers value fosters growth and prosperity. Discovering ways to delight your customers should be at the heart of any Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategy.

What actions in your call centre drive customer loyalty

Prediction of human behavior can be a maddening enterprise, but with the right tools, even the elusive can be grasped. Do you know what makes your customers loyal to you?

Feedback Ferret helps Eurocamp drive re-booking rates

By listening and acting on the negative comments, Eurocamp has won unhappy customers back into the fold, improved certain facilities on specific sites, better equipped their accommodation according to customer needs and improved their staff training programme.

Why ask for feedback if you don’t act on it?

Sometimes I ask myself why companies go to all the trouble of asking for customer feedback if they never act on it. Last week I had cause to give some negative feedback to Boden, the online clothes retailer. Find out what happened …

“Yes, lots of our customers ask us for that …”

I suggested to the service receptionist that it would have been more convenient to be able to drop the car off the previous evening and have a post-box for the keys. “Yes”, she replied ” lots of our customers ask us for that”. So why don’t you do something about it?

McLaren Automotive appoints Feedback Ferret for customer feedback management

McLaren Automotive has appointed Feedback Ferret to enable them to put Customer Experience Management at the heart of its operation. This reflects on McLaren’s ambition to deliver unparalleled levels of customer service alongside the technical excellence of its cars.

Let’s get straight to the point

We’ve all been subjected to vast and indigestible feedback surveys, with page upon page of requests for your ratings on every conceivable subject about which the company

The art of feedback forms: 6 reasons to adopt open-ended feedback

Following my recent blog post highlighting the failings of using tick box surveys for customer feedback (as reported in The Independent), I thought it would be useful to point out

Feedback Ferret & Silverstone: a winning combination

Organising a big sporting event can be a complex juggling act. Visitors will usually have spent large sums of money to acquire tickets and their desire to have the ‘experience of

Want Richard Branson’s success? Empower people to identify problems and fix them!

Another week and another article about how companies should focus on customer experience and really get inside

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