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Find the nuggets of gold in your customer feedback

Is anyone listening to the feedback? It’s “like panning for gold”. And for those who fully embed their Voice of Customer programme fully into their organisations, there is always a good payback.

Do you need a dedicated Customer Feedback Management System?

We are often told that an organisation already has a good CRM system so why do they need to bother purchasing another tool for dealing with customer complaints and feedback? Find out more …

More big data thoughts for customer feedback analysis

I read with interest (yet another?) article on Big Data but one with a very simple message about social media and how its unstructured format reveals so much about customers’ thoughts and actions.

The importance of customer service in the customer experience

When did you last receive WOW customer service? By “WOW”, we mean a quality of service above and beyond our expectations. And it is often this that sets you apart from your competitors.

Origin extends and upgrades Feedback Ferret Voice of Customer programme

Feedback Ferret is delighted by Origin’s response to the technological enhancements we have made to the Feedback Ferret product.

Research and the value of values

For the world of research, generation of data detailing what customers are doing is no longer enough. What is needed is a deep understanding of why customers behave the way they do.

Accuracy for text analytics is vital

We see that a French company has just launched a new text analytics tool that claims to have up to 80% accuracy in identifying sarcastic comments posted online. We’ve been able to do that since 2002!

Improving feedback analysis in the Automotive industry

BMW Group UK customer management teams are using Feedback Ferret to track customer feedback to make speedy decisions about their customer experience.

Banks need to get on the Voice of Customer bandwagon

There is widespread thought that banks need to step up their Voice of Customer game. With the low interest rates, burdensome regulation and struggling economy,

Multi-language customer feedback analysis: the right way to do sentiment and topic detection

Are machine translators adequate for the job of translating Voice of Customer feedback comments into English? We agree that they are not 100% accurate but they are nonetheless VERY good. We are happy with the results and so are our clients.

Thousands of leaders are better than one to improve customer experience

In order to provide a “great customer experience”, every single person who comes into contact with the customer in any organisation needs to subscribe to and understand how they play a role in creating the “great customer experience”.

Is the medical world lagging behind in customer experience management?

In the medical world there is no shortage of data. Endless form filling in and endless questionnaires with monstrous tick box surveys. So what happens to all this data? Not much, in my experience.

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