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What makes a successful Voice of Customer programme for retailers?

Information overload has become more and more commonplace and many companies simply don’t know where to start. Organisations must ensure that their customer feedback is readily and easily available to local as well as head office managers.

Don’t just gather customer feedback, act on it!

A new Voice of Customer report published by eDigitalResearch has highlighted the importance of taking customer feedback on board and acting on it.

Customer Experience solution providers set to benefit from more growth in 2014

It is heartening that so many companies are now recognising that investing in the customer experience can reap rewards for their sales and profitability.

Pizza delivery giant demonstrates real customer engagement

Engaging effectively with customers is what customer experience is all about and this is an example of how important it can be to respond effectively in a timely manner to complaints or questions.

Feedback surveys – the ferret way

The importance of having a customer feedback system in place cannot be underestimated – it can increase revenue, improve customer experience and help a business make profitable changes.

Working with the two fastest brands in the car industry – McLaren & Porsche

Here at Feedback Ferret HQ, we were delighted to learn that the McLaren P1 has now joined the Porsche 918 Spyder as being the only production cars to break the seven-minute barrier at the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Do you nip negative customer feedback in the bud?

The blog highlights the state of the Tesco store in Haggerston which was described as “the worst place on earth”. It went viral very quickly and forced Tesco to act.

Correct interpretation is key with text analytics

Want the best text analytics solution for your customer feedback? Read on to find out why one of our clients said “The Feedback Ferret engine clearly delivers better results than any other tool we have ever used”.

Is NPS worth its salt?

NPS is a very common tool used to measure customer satisfaction. But is it worth its salt and is this a metric we can trust to predict future growth?

Is a B2B customer feedback programme necessary?

If you are in the B2B sector, do you really understand your customers? Do the messages you portray match the messages and values of your customers?

Feedback Ferret results drive strategic decision making at Eurocamp

Over the past 3 years, Eurocamp has gradually embedded the Feedback Ferret Voice of Customer tool deep into the heart of their business. It has now become the main driver for all business and strategic decisions.

Origin Energy extends its partnership with Feedback Ferret

Origin, one of Australia’s largest energy companies, has just extended its contract with Feedback Ferret, ensuring that the company continues to receive high quality Voice of Customer feedback.

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