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Responding to negative customer feedback – how NOT to do it

When a customer complains, the best policy is to listen, empathise and promise to take action. And then go and take the action you just promised!

Funny customer feedback

The Feedback Ferret lexicon evolves continuously. Our Lexicon team is constantly monitoring customer feedback and checking that all comments are correctly categorised.

Audi drive customer service improvements

In a bid to improve the customer experience for their service customers, Audi dealers are using Feedback Ferret to equip themselves with vital customer information prior to customers arriving at the dealership.

Does data drive decisions?

“Many organisations spent a lot of time debating the ‘what’ because different people had different data. Once everyone has the same version of truth, you can shift to the ‘how’ – and you are able to do more and more, better and better.”

Feedback Ferret South Africa goes from strength to strength

Feedback Ferret is proud to have now opened an office in Johannesburg which will enable us to develop further business in the country, and ultimately across all of Africa from this new base.

Why choose an end to end Voice of Customer solution?

Here at Feedback Ferret, we often talk about our “end to end solution” for customer experience. But what does that actually mean and what are the benefits of this for our clients?

Customer surveys – Ask less to get more?

How do we obtain so much customer insight with only two questions on our “perfect Feedback Ferret customer survey”. Do we really have to ask less to get more?

MINI build quality improves as manufacturing managers respond quickly to technical issues

With their parent company, BMW adopting the Ferret to analyse customer feedback, MINI has now implemented Feedback Ferret to drive up the build quality of their vehicles.

A lesson in how NOT to conduct customer feedback

Vistaprint is yet another example of a company that has jumped enthusiastically on the customer feedback bandwagon. But in my experience, it fails dismally to close the loop with their customers. So why bother with the feedback survey at all?

Customer advocacy is critical for the bottom line

Not only does satisfaction encourage customer loyalty, but happy customers also become advocates of the brand to others.

What makes a successful Voice of Customer programme for retailers?

Information overload has become more and more commonplace and many companies simply don’t know where to start. Organisations must ensure that their customer feedback is readily and easily available to local as well as head office managers.

Don’t just gather customer feedback, act on it!

A new Voice of Customer report published by eDigitalResearch has highlighted the importance of taking customer feedback on board and acting on it.

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