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More big data thoughts for customer feedback analysis

I read with interest (yet another?) article on Big Data but one with a very simple message about social media and how its unstructured format reveals so much about customers’ thoughts and actions.

In her article “What does big data mean for social media marketing”, Hayley Hayes says: “Traditionally, marketers preferred structured data as it could be neatly stored in rows and columns for ready analysis using the same monitoring tools that have been used for the past forty years or so. Along came social media and it tore up the rule book. Of the aforementioned 90% of the store of data gathered over the past two years, 80% of it is ‘unstructured’, courtesy of social media. Status updates, YouTube videos, tweets and the like offer chaotic data that requires new means of analysis.”

Hayley continues: “Yet this wealth of unstructured data is invaluable in terms of what it reveals: exactly what people are saying, thinking, interested in, looking to buy and so on. And the good news is that big data allows us to now store, manage and make sense of this data in real time, meaning that savvy businesses can create far more informed marketing decisions.”

Feedback Ferret is a solution that enables you to make sense of your customer’s comments and feedback, wherever it is left – be it SMS, email, voice recordings or comments on Facebook and Twitter. We help you understand what your customers are saying. We identify topics, sentiments and attitudes and are able to send these to you in an easy to read format in real time via hot alerts.

Any business wanting to make informed strategic business decisions based on what their customer thinks needs to consider implementing a customer feedback management tool.

Look no further, Feedback Ferret is here!