MINI Improve Build Quality Of Vehicles With Feedback Ferret

MINI build quality improves as manufacturing managers respond quickly to technical issues

With their parent company, BMW adopting the Ferret to analyse customer feedback, MINI has now implemented Feedback Ferret to drive up the build quality of their vehicles.

MINI has traditionally conducted after sales surveys which form the basis of their “Rattle and Squeaks” report.


Feedback Ferret analyses all these sales surveys and feeds the critical insight via Hot Alerts back to the manufacturing department at their plant in Oxford.

VIN numbers of any problem vehicles are passed on to the relevant department where the member of staff responsible for installing or building the problem part or the supplier of the part can be traced and identified immediately.

Measures have been put in place to ensure that any product quality issues are resolved either by training the relevant member(s) of staff or by bringing the matter immediately to the attention of the respective supplier.

As a result of using Feedback Ferret’s Hot Alert module, MINI is now able to rectify a problem as soon as it is spotted and before it affects more vehicles down the production line.

Rob Holdcroft, Client Services Director for Feedback Ferret says: “The Hot Alerts that the Ferret provides have radically changed MINI’s approach to dealing with product quality issues. The manufacturing and quality managers can now respond immediately to problems on the factory floor in a way that had not been possible before.

Whether it is a member of staff who needs additional training or a supplier whose part has caused a technical problem, management hears about it immediately and takes positive action to ensure it does not recur”.

The feedback solution is now embedded across all UK MINI sales and cost savings are being closely monitored.