Metropolitan Police use us to help improve customer experience

Met police web site 2

We’d like to congratulate our client, Metropolitan Police Digital Services, for their success at the Core77 Design Awards 2017. The Met Police, in partnership with WAE, was Runner Up in the Service Design Award category, for creating a hub of digital services to better serve the public and reduce demand.

The Met Police continues to “focus on addressing the universal public need for a digital channel as helpful, personal and reassuring as approaching an officer on the street.”

The foundation for change was a new digital platform that provides online services to help better educate and reassure the public.

Feedback Ferret is playing a pivotal role in the new customer centred strategy by hosting a permanent feedback web form on the new beta website, analysing all the verbatim comments that are fed back about the online user experience, and reporting the results back to the Metropolitan Police.

The form allows anyone using the website to provide their feedback on the website design, functionality, ease of use, etc. Users can fill in the form at any point whilst on the website and the feedback is used to help the Met Police create the most customer friendly website possible.

Of the project, the agency responsible for the new website, WAE (Global Customer Experience & Service Design Consultancy) said:

“Our work has been highly iterative – co-creating and testing with users all along the process. The launch of beta allowed us to continue this testing on a much larger scale, using analytics, business metrics and user feedback to continue to make improvements. Now, several months in and without any external advertising of the new digital services, we are seeing significant impact on quality and speed of the reporting. This is just the beginning for providing a better service for the public, reducing demand on the Met and keeping London safe – the future for digital has just begun.”

Our warmest congratulations are extended to the Metropolitan Police & WAE!