Make decisions faster – use Text Analytics

Focus group at fingertips

If you wanted to find out how easy your customers find doing business with you but it wasn’t part of your existing customer satisfaction survey questions, what would you do?

Plan to add another question in at the next scheduled review of your CSAT survey? What if that was weeks or even months away?

Would you have to hold stakeholder meetings, eating up hours of valuable man hours?

Many organisations that we speak to have processes like this in place. It can take a very long time to answer a simple question so you can examine how you can change the way you work to improve operations and processes.

Here at Feedback Ferret, if our clients want to find out the answer to a new question that is not yet asked or being monitored in their customer feedback, a quick call to their Ferret Project Manager and we can interrogate the existing feedback data.  If it’s not already there, we can easily add in our ready to go EASE topic, and BINGO! Every single time a customer has ever mentioned anything about ease in a positive or negative way about any aspect of your business, it is automatically categorised and collated for the past, present and future.

With a couple of clicks, you have the insight and proof you need to aid smarter decision making.

It’s like having a Focus Group at your finger-tips.

Not only that, you haven’t subjected your customers to yet more questions in an ever expanding survey.

So, if you want to find answers to something that is not part of your existing satisfaction survey, get in touch now to find out how we can help you get the answers you need in an instant!