How Not To Conduct Customer Feedback - Feedback Ferret

A lesson in how NOT to conduct customer feedback

The world is full of customer feedback surveys so I was not surprised to receive a pretty standard questionnaire by email from Vistaprint asking for my comments after I recently purchased some fliers from them.

I duly completed the form, highlighting the product quality as an area I was not at all satisfied with. At the end of the survey, I was asked for “any other comments”. So I simply said I would like to be contacted and offered either a refund or a reprint.

Did I hear anything from Vistaprint? You guessed it – no.

After 6 days I gave up waiting and called their customer service number and lodged my complaint. I explained that I had sent in my negative feedback via the online survey and heard nothing back. The customer service representative explained that if I had a complaint, it was best to go through their customer services department rather than use the feedback forms.

Vistaprint is yet another example of a company that has jumped enthusiastically on the customer feedback bandwagon but fails dismally to close the loop with their customers. Their internal systems clearly do not enable them to digest feedback and act on it in a timely fashion. It simply begs the question, why do they bother with the feedback survey at all?

Feedback Ferret helps companies like Vistaprint win back unhappy customers. Had I been contacted within hours of leaving my very negative feedback, I would have been impressed and quite possibly brought my custom back to Vistaprint. However, they have lost me for good now and probably a few of my friends to whom I have no intention of recommending their services. How many other customers like me will they lose before they wake up to the concept of closing the loop with dissatisfied customers?