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Is your feedback program being knocked off-course?

steering back on course

When clients start talking to us about implementing their voice of customer programme, they always set out with the very best intentions to use it to improve overall business performance. But sometimes, things don’t go according to plan.

It’s worth asking yourself the questions:

  • Is our customer feedback programme delivering the results we expected?
  • Is it helping drive improvements in sales revenues, Net Promotor Scores and employee engagement?
  • Is it helping reduce costs and wastage?

If the answers to the above are “no”, it’s time to examine why it’s not being as effective as it should be and work towards steering it back on course.

We recently came across this article by Ganesh Mukundan: “5 Things That Can Sabotage Your VOC Program”.

He highlights these five main causes of VOC programme failure. And we have to admit, after years of working with clients, he is spot on with all of them.

  • No clear objective
  • Not getting everyone on board
  • Not really listening to your customers
  • Not acting on the feedback you receive
  • Treating your VOC program like a market research study

We could not have articulated this any better ourselves.

If any of these ring true in your organisation, read Ganesh’s full article and find out what you can do to steer your programme back on course.

N.B. It’s worth noting that Ganesh’s article links to a PDF explaining how to create engaging surveys. Here at Feedback Ferret we take a different approach to survey design. Whilst we do agree that you need to carefully consider who you are sending the survey to, we suggest you save the time meticulously planning the wording, phrasing, question validity and the hours of stakeholder meetings to agree the questions. Just keep it simple and use text analytics to ferret out all the insight you’ll ever need.