How can our text analytics make customer feedback easy?

Is your door open to customer feedback?

We may be biased, but there’s a good deal of evidence that being a ‘listening company’ – gathering and using customer feedback – is one of the most effective ways of evaluating your performance as a business and improving your service.

Opening your door and making it easy for customers to give you feedback is the best way to get a quick and accurate idea of how you’re performing in the eyes of your clients – yet you’d be amazed by how few companies take steps to actually invite customers to give their feedback.

open door to feedback

During recent work on our Google AdWords campaign, we discovered many people searching for specific company feedback channels. Looking into those companies, we found find that nine times out of ten, any feedback options on their website are purely about the functionality of the website and did NOT invite general customer feedback about the business.

Clearly, companies aren’t listening to their customers, and they are giving the impression that they don’t WANT to listen. So what is average person doing when he’s less than impressed with the service? They’re hopping onto Twitter and Facebook to shout about the injustice of it all, rather than talking to the people (that’s you) who can actually make changes in an effort to keep them as a customer.

Feedback Ferret enables companies to open the door to customer feedback, making it easy for people wishing to give their comments and suggestions. Once you’ve got the data, you can use positive comments as a very persuasive means of gaining new custom. When it comes to the negative feedback – well, if you know about it, you can do something about it: you can make your customers feel like they are valued and increase your chances of seeing them return.

Feedback improves businesses, and Feedback Ferret makes it easy to have a listening post on any feedback channel.

If your customers are desperate to speak their mind, are you making it possible to listen to them?


By Rob Holdcroft, Client Service Director at Feedback Ferret Ltd