Don't ask if you won't listen

speak, hear, see no evil

“Expectations are marvellous things. To be fulfilled or shattered, so very often a triumph of hope over experience. I just want to be delighted by my experience as a customer and think it is the simplest thing in the world to do. Make me feel like you listen and care.”

These are the words written by Kevin Johnson in his recent Linked In blog post. It’s a brilliantly simple blog but sends out a clear message about customer experience to corporate organisations – if you don’t want to listen to what I have to say, then don’t bother asking for my feedback.

Kevin goes out of his way to complete his mobile phone provider’s survey and subsequently receives a call from one of their operatives.

Wow, he thought. They care.

Sadly not.

In an attempt to “close” the case, the operative left Kevin feeling unvalued and as though he were just another “statistic”.

The outcome?

Sadly, I will be un-liking, de-friending and consciously uncoupling, and probably a whole lot sooner than I would have done if they had just left me alone. Will I complain? No. Will I just leave at some point? Probably yes.

We're not surprised. A very good lesson in how not to handle Hot Alerts!

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