Have your customer feedback cake & eat it

The quality of service delivered by many organisations is often regulated by measuring specific aspects of customer experience. These aspects are often things that a regulatory body deems important, or things that can affect remuneration or publicly displayed statistics.

As valid as some of those aspects are, they are not always the things that have the most impact on your customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.

How promptly was your call answered?
Did our agent do xyz?

In order to understand how your organisation is performing on these aspects that it is measured on, there is a natural tendency to ask your customers for feedback on those specific KPIs. This leads to lengthy ‘audit’ style surveys which customers can find uncomfortable. They can see straight through these questions and they know immediately for whose benefit the question is being asked – the organisation, not them.

I have given “very good” to all my answers because I find this type of survey a bit intimidating and unfair to those being surveyed.

We know, from our research with existing customers, that long tick box surveys with prescribed answers do not get good response rates.

We also understand that ‘what gets measured gets managed’. By monitoring what you are measured on and focusing your insight and action on those specific KPIs, you risk losing sight of what your customers really need.

So how do you keep your customers and their needs at the centre of your feedback campaigns when you have to satisfy other measures and KPIs? Can you really have your customer feedback cake AND eat it at the same time?


Here at Feedback Ferret, we’ve got the perfect customer feedback survey which enables you to ask for ratings on your required KPIs AND find out why customers gave those rating scores. The “why” gives you rich, invaluable insight into what makes customers happy or unhappy so you can take action and improve customer experience.

Our perfect customer feedback survey contains one ratings question and one “tell us why” question. Our text analysis engine will ferret out all the insight you will ever need from these short, concise feedback forms. In addition, customers love them as they are so quick to complete.

Using text analytics, every comment your customers make in the verbatim fields of the survey will be automatically analyse and categorised – “insight on a plate” as we like to call it.

You will see not just how you are doing, but why your customers rate you the way they do and what you can do to improve the customer experience. We can tell you what topics have the most impact on scores, satisfaction and loyalty.

So, if your want your customer feedback cake and eat it too (with extra sprinkles on top as well!), we can help.