Have you ever wanted to ask your customers a question after the survey results have come in?

If you are collecting customer feedback data and need the answer to a new question that is not yet asked or being asked or being monitored, text analytics can help.

Text analytics can interrogate the existing feedback data. If the words or phrases are not already there, we can add in topics, and BINGO! Every single time a customer has ever mentioned anything about that topic in a positive 👍or negative 👎 way, is automatically categorised and collated for the past, present and future.


With a couple of clicks, you have insight on any new situation or topic - It’s like having a Focus Group at your finger-tips.


Not only that, you haven’t subjected your customers to yet more questions in an ever-expanding survey.


So,if you want to find answers to something that is not part of your existingsatisfaction survey, get in touch now to find out how we can help you get theanswers you need in an instant!