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Funny customer feedback

The Feedback Ferret lexicon evolves continuously. Our Lexicon team is constantly monitoring customer feedback and checking that all comments are correctly categorised. It is this fine attention to detail which gives the Ferret text analytics engine an enviable 93%+ level of accuracy.

Managing our very able team of “lexicon ferrets” as they are affectionately known, I am privy to some very amusing moments when one of our team spots an unusual piece of feedback. I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you a few of the gems from customer feedback from the past few weeks.

“Very friendly service by everyone for oil change, tires rotation, etc. Unfortunately, I accidentally walked into glass door leading to the service department.”

“I then experienced one of the most passive aggressive power struggles of my life over a simple question about wait time.”

“The gift cookies were a nice surprise. You couldn’t know this but cookies are a favorite at our house. I have a 1944 letter my husband sent his mother from the hospital in England while recovering from wounds during the Battle of the Bulge – asking her to send “cookies, candy, cake” ….”

“I love these guys. They are just like family…wait a minute….I said I love these guys so they are not like my family”.

“During a previous visit the service writer exclaimed I had “an over sensitive rear end” as the vibration was slight, due to road conditions, dirt or rocks in the tread etc. I found this very offensive but remained composed.”

“The car is awesome and pushes every one of my hot buttons”.

I hope you find these feedback comments as amusing as we did!

By Peter Clamp, Operations Manager