Feedback Ferret & Silverstone: a winning combination

Feedback Ferret & Silverstone: a winning combination


Organising a big sporting event can be a complex juggling act. Visitors will usually have spent large sums of money to acquire tickets and their desire to have the ‘experience of a lifetime’ will be high. Collecting customer feedback is vital to make sure these expectations are met and ideally exceeded.

And sporting events don’t come much bigger than the Silverstone British Grand Prix.

So, we are extremely proud of our recent work with Silverstone Circuits, which came to fruition at the British Grand Prix last weekend when visitors were asked to provide live feedback, via QR codes and SMS.

Sally Reynolds, Leisure Development Director from Silverstone was interviewed by Computerworld UK about their innovative approach to collecting, gathering and analysing customer feedback – check out the extract below or click the link to read the full thing.

We’re proud that the companies we work with are telling the world about how Feedback Ferret can make a difference to their customer feedback strategies.

Silverstone Circuits will be deploying a new customer feedback system this weekend at the Grand Prix, in a bid to improve customer experience at the event.

In addition to using social media networks such as Twitter, Silverstone is deploying a technology from Feedback Ferret that allows the organisers to monitor, categorise and perform analysis of the feedback.

“Silverstone Grand Prix to improve services with real-time feedback” – Computerworld UK